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Perfectly safe despite performance pressure

Aviation demands the highest possible safety standards, despite considerable performance pressure. How do you prevent profits from being made at the cost of safety and how do you keep the focus on the passenger? You wish to offer a pleasant passenger journey , while ensuring safety up front and behind the scenes.

Intergo designs safe workplaces, prevents work overload and performs risk and incident analyses, to name but a few of its services. We perform this work for airports, airlines, and other aviation organisations.

We are BowTie and Tripod Beta certified and ensure that individual analyses and meta-analyses also reveal the underlying causes of recurring incidents. For example, does an incident database exist? We perform analyses, look for trends and make recommendations based on a meta-analysis incorporating dozens to hundreds of incidents over the years. Our aim is to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.

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Safe workplace design

We design safe workstations for aviation. They include consoles for air traffic control, operational control centres, desks, and driver cabins. Proper ergonomic design guarantees safety and prevents physical complaints.

Our designs are aimed at creating pleasant passenger journeys, while advanced analyses and concrete solutions optimise automated processes and, for example remote towers operations.

Preventing physical and mental strain

How do you ensure airport safety? And how do you prevent physical or mental strain? We draw up proper work-rest schedules and prevent aviation errors. We help keep quality professionals better available for active duty. We measure, analyse, and arrive at realistic and feasible solutions that improve aviation safety.

Our focus on safety, workload and proper design prevents problems and ensures safe work situations and environments. In addition, we analyse risks, and investigate incidents, in order to optimally prevent their recurrence.