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Preventing excessive workload

How do you improve safety and, more specifically, prevent human error? Unfortunately, many accidents have human causes and are, in many cases, preventable. Techniques resulting from organisational or environmental factors within the organisation often contribute to such errors. Most human errors can be prevented by understanding the conditions and environment in which people work.

Intergo specialises in improving integral safety. We focus on existing situations, behaviour and the environment and prevent human error by better organising the setting and circumstances. A number of options and applications are implemented for this purpose and specifically adapted to suit your situation.

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Our solutions for improved safety

Are you curious about our solutions for a safe environment with conditions that prevent human error? Some of the possibilities are listed below:

Human error is the cause of many construction and workplace accidents. Attention to employee training and instruction creates a culture where safety is paramount. We help companies to manage behaviour, work on safety in a fun way and challenge both employees and management. We ensure achievable goals, facilitate learning from mistakes and implement Plan, Do, Check, Act to facilitate continuous safety improvement.

Safety programmes

We use surveys and safety programmes to measure successes and quickly identify any setbacks. The results help to make timely adjustments and to celebrate successes with each other. The overall effect further motivates subsequent changes that improve safety, garnering cooperation from all stakeholders. Continuous assessment and appropriate adjustments ensure that focus remains on the desired results.

Construction site safety

Does your situation involve safety on construction sites? We work with contractors and carry out concrete safety studies for other clients. We make plans, provide experts on the construction site and work on such elements as instructional films, reporting systems and toolbox meetings at all levels in which particular attention is paid to leadership.

Change management

Focusing on concrete activities and processes allows us to implement changes for which there is sufficient support. We avoid vaguely formulated goals and core values by carrying out successful implementations to which employees and other stakeholders contribute. Management buy-in and visible involvement ensures that we implement effective change management.

Risk analysis

Do you want to implement an innovation or other important change? We perform a comprehensive risk analysis, paying as much attention to the human factor as to other dynamic factors with unique characteristics. Commonly used methods such as BowTie, FMEA, CRIOP, HAZOP, STEP analysis, ECFA+, STEP enable us to clearly identify risks.

Safety in Design

Werkt u aan een ontwerpproces en is de veiligheid daarvan belangrijk? We zorgen er met gevaaridentificatie en risicobeoordeling voor dat we al in een vroeg stadium risico’s op letsel minimaliseren of zelfs elimineren. Dat doen we voor gebouwen, apparatuur en bijvoorbeeld voertuigen. Zo kunt u rekenen op een veilig ontwerp, waarbij we alle belangrijke aspecten nauwlettend in de gaten houden.

Leren van incidenten

Many incidents occur due to insufficient, or the absence of, learning from similar situations in the past. Together with our LFI24 affiliate, we can improve safety by analysing, taking action and preventing recurrence. In this process, we consider motivations, methods, means and outputs as an important basis for an approach using methods such as TriPod and BFA.