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Online Masterclass Safety Management System

11 Mei 2021 van 15.30-16.30 uur

Er zijn verschillende manieren om een goed werkend Safety Management System te realiseren. In luchtvaart en spoor is een Safety Management System verplicht. In deze masterclass vertellen Intergo en ADSE vanuit hun eigen ervaring in deze sectoren wat een Safety Management System praktisch inhoudt en hoe je het Safety Management System voor je kunt laten werken om het hogere doel, veiligheid in de operatie, te bereiken.

Reliable safety

How do we create a safe, user-friendly, and sustainable workplace?  We work in the most demanding safety-critical environments, such as industry, transport, construction, and healthcare. 

Our team of experienced experts takes the organisation, technology and human behaviour into account thereby ensuring that these three qualities fit together well. This integrated approach results in successful product and workplace designs, effective training, concrete solutions for safety issues as well as risk and incident analyses that remove all doubts. We help match the organisation and technology to employee abilities and limitations.

Part of one group

Intergo is together with LFI24 and Human Safety Academy part of the Human Safety Alliance. Together, we are committed to applying state-of-the-art knowledge with regard to safety, user-friendliness, and sustainability. Our combined scale enables us to serve the largest and most demanding clients.