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In-depth study of the human factors in inland shipping accidents commissioned by the European inland shipping industry

In 2020, based on statistics, Intergo investigated the risks in inland navigation where human factors play a role in accidents. What emerged - in 70 to 80% of the accidents the human factor plays a role. A worrying conclusion, according to the sector. Drafting new regulations for technology is the first obvious course of action, but it is only really effective once the real causes are clearer.
That is why the European Inland Waterway Transport Platform , on behalf of the European inland shipping industry, including IVR and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, recently asked Intergo to conduct a more in-depth investigation this spring into the underlying causes in wheelhouse design and the man-machine interface, as well as into the underlying causes in organisational elements in inland shipping, such as communication, fatigue and stress, specific waterway situations and the qualifications of crew members. The conclusions and findings of the first phase of the study ‘Human factors root causes of accidents in inland navigation’ can be read here.
In the Pointer radio broadcast of June 16, skippers and trainers discussed a number of topics in advance, such as around communication and training. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

Published on

1 June, 2021