Road transport



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The design of public roads, work environments for traffic managers, and auxiliary systems for road users jointly contribute to a safe traffic situation. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), cleverly designed driver-system interactions and, for example, Driver State Monitoring for fatigue help to improve road safety.

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Road safety

Safety also results from the proper design of public roads in general, as well as specific traffic situations such as tunnels and bridges:

Public roads

Our designs for safe public roads are based on the road user's perspective. We conduct a thorough road image analysis and use psychological insights to influence the behaviour needed to ensure safe road use.

In tunnels

How does tunnel design contribute to an improved safety experience? We design lighting, escape routes and technical installations for tunnels that contribute to safe road transport.

On bridges

Often overlooked is the fact that bridges make heavy demands on the cognitive abilities of road users. Our bridge designs take important signalling into account and use nudges and other behavioural influences to entice the desired behaviour.  

For traffic managers and operators

Traffic managers, tunnel operating employees, and other road service personnel monitor the safety and smooth flow of traffic. We design workstations and develop HMIs and support systems that ensure safe road use from a sustainably productive work perspective. Our training and attention to processes, procedures, and the organisation of work encourage cooperation in a user-friendly work environment.