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Safety first in sustainable innovation

The energy and industry sectors are facing major challenges such as the energy transition, circular economy, and smart industries. How do you combine the most important innovations with safe operations in ways that inspire confidence? By making safety an integral part of the process you can work towards sustainable progress, with health and effectiveness also included as a priority.

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Alfred van Wincoop
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Safety, health, and effectiveness in design

Intergo has expert safety consultants with specific experience in the industry and energy market. We know what is at stake and that control rooms and other workstations often involve multiple tasks. Does your situation involve driver cabins, control rooms or other workstations? We help you work in a safe, healthy, and effective manner. Moreover, we exceed the health and safety requirements, so that implemented measures contribute optimally to the objectives of your organisation.

We help design control rooms and vehicles, always with the user in mind. We prevent excessive workloads, ensure proper line of sight, and identify available tools and information sources. In this way, we design a safe, healthy, and effective workplace.

Safety culture and incident investigation

We create a safety culture in which the surroundings and the conditions encourage safe behaviour. This helps prevent human errors, while incident investigation, one of the required constituents, helps you identify where things went wrong and how to prevent them in the future. For this we cooperate with our affiliate company LFI24.

We are certified for BowTie, Tripod Beta as well as other analytical methods, and would be happy to assist you with clear planning, experienced safety experts, instructional films, and measures such as a reporting system for unsafe situations.