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A safe place to work

Many construction accidents and incidents are the result of human error. Unfortunately, the surroundings and circumstances often contribute to their occurrence. How can construction sites be made safe places to work, and what is needed to improve ergonomics and sustainable employability? These are questions with which the consultants at Intergo can help.

We understand construction processes and what construction is all about. It is for this reason that our clients make us part of the construction team. Together with contractors and other stakeholders, we ensure safety by implementing such resources as instructional videos, safety experts on the construction sites and a focus on safety leadership. In addition, we conduct professional incident investigations as required by the Inspectorate. For this we cooperate with our affiliate company LFI24.

Talk to our consultant

Alfred van Wincoop
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Culture that promotes safe behaviour

Human error is often a consequence of the surroundings and circumstances. Intergo fosters a safety culture that promotes safe behaviour. In this process, we pay close attention to the human factor and to behaviour, while improving ergonomics and long-term sustainable employability. As far as we are concerned, safety, health and proper ergonomics go hand in hand.

We create manuals and procedures aimed at the workplace. They are uniform and have a wide basis of support because we involve all stakeholders when producing them. We avoid abstract instructions and overly complicated directions. Instead, we translate theory into practice, naturally making full use of modern digital capabilities.