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Bringing Automatic Train Operation (ATO) one step closer on the freight corridor, Rotterdam – Genoa

Intergo and ADSE were selected to join forces with one of the leading rail logistic providers in Europe to deliver a Set of Requirements to select an Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Remote Supervision & Control partner.

Driverless with remote supervision and control

The Rotterdam – Genoa corridor is one of the most heavily operated freight routes in Europe. The route is an important cornerstone of the European Commission’s promotion plan to improve the use of rail freight transport and to enhance sustainable mobility. For these goals improvements on efficiency and throughput of the corridor are essential and this drives the transition towards Automatic Train Operation (ATO). In the envisioned ATO concept, the trains are operated driverless and highly automated under remote supervision and control.

Intergo and ADSE join forces

Intergo B.V. and ADSE B.V. have together supported our client over the past six months to define the Concept of Operations for ATO and performed an assessment on which driver tasks shall be automated and which tasks shall be transferred to the Remote Supervisory Control Centre. In addition, a thorough analysis of the involved hazards was made, as well as a definition of the Remote Supervision & Control centre workspace and the Human-Machine-Interfaces to supervise and control the trains remotely. We also defined the job and competences of the Remote Operator. The focus on operation and human factors was innovative and highly appreciated by the client and showed it’s added value in the project.

Testing on the Dutch ‘Betuweroute’

Plans are formed to equip two trains with ATO equipment, for which a procurement phase will start the first half of 2022. Final goal of the project is to test the ATO trains for a year in operation on the Dutch part of the Rotterdam – Genoa corridor, the so-called ‘Betuweroute’. This test phase is planned for 2024 to allow suppliers to define, design and deliver the ATO equipment required.

We’re proud of our contribution!

Intergo and ADSE have helped their client to overcome the challenge to deliver a high quality and congruent set of deliverables within a 3 month time window to form the necessary basis for the specifications for the start of the ATO Betuweroute tender phase to suppliers. We are proud to have been selected to perform these activities and are looking forward to further assist in the next phase of the project.
To know more about the project or how we might be able to help you with your next challenge, please contact Melcher Zeilstra, Project Manager at Intergo.

Datum van publicatie

15 juni, 2022