Intergo speaker workshop “Accidents in inland navigation” at IVR Congress Prague

20/06/2019 - Kirsten Schreibers was invited as a speaker at the workshop “Accidents in inland navigation” during the IVR Congress Prague on 6th June 2019. IVR shows an increase in the amount of accidents and the insurance sum. Data show that the largest contributing factor in this types of accidents is the human element. Kirsten shared human factors mechanisms possibly influencing vessel bridge collisions in inland navigation.

The moderator of the Workshop, Stéphanie PEIGNEY-COUDERC, head of the Inland Navigation Department at the French Ministry of Transport in Paris and Commissioner at the CCNR, concluded at the end of the workshop that further exploring root causes by analysing databases would enable the development of effective and efficient preventive measures and regulations for all stakeholders involved. 

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